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Annual Information Update


17 November 2009

Annual information update for the period from 20 November 2008 up to and including 16 November 2009.

Associated British Foods plc ("the Company") is pleased to provide an annual information update, in accordance with the requirements of Prospectus Rule 5.2. The information referred to in this update was up to date at the time the information was published but some information may now be out of date. To avoid an unnecessarily lengthy document, information is referred to in this update rather than included in full.

1.    Announcements made via RNS, a regulatory information service

All of the documents listed below were published via RNS, a Regulatory Information Service:

DateBrief description of announcement
12 November 2009Notification of major interest in shares from AXA S.A.
6 November 2009Director share holding – George Weston, CEO, increased his share holding by 22,500 shares through exercise of options over 22,500 ordinary shares granted on 17 January 2001 under the ABF 2000 Executive Share Option Scheme. The options were exercised on 5 November 2009 at a price of 484p per share.
5 November 2009Notification of delivery to FSA Viewing Facility of copies of Annual Report and Accounts 2009, Notice of 2009 AGM and Form of Proxy.
3 November 2009Announcement of results for financial year ended 12 September 2009.
11 September 2009Announcement of management changes at Primark/Penneys.
7 September 2009Pre Close Period Trading Update.
11 August 2009Announcement of an agreement to sell the Polish Sugar business, British Sugar (Overseas) Polska SP. z.o.o., to Pfeifer & Langen Polska S.A.
9 July 2009Interim Management Statement (third quarter) for the 40 weeks ended 20 June 2009.
7 July 2009Director share dealing - John Bason, Finance Director, purchased 110 ordinary shares of the Company on 3 July 2009 at a price of £7.80 per share as a result of his participation in the ABF Dividend Re-investment Plan.
5 June 2009Director share holding – Charles Sinclair, Chairman, purchased 6,740 ordinary shares of the Company on 5 June 2009 at a price of £7.355 per share.
30 April 2009Completion of acquisition of Azucarera Ebro S.L.U.
23 April 2009Notification of submission of copies of interim results 2009 to Financial Services Authority Viewing Facility.
21 April 2009Interim results for the 24 weeks ended 28 February 2009.
31 March 2009Announcement of the European Commission’s clearance of ABF’s proposed acquisition of Azucarera Ebro S.L.U.
25 February 2009Announcement of Martin Adamson’s retirement from the Board on 21 April 2009.
23 February 2009Pre Close Period trading update.
15 January 2009Release of the first Interim Management Statement for the 16 weeks to 3 January 2009.
12 January 2009Director share holding - John Bason, Finance Director, acquired 226 ordinary shares of the Company on 9 January 2009 at a price of £7.33 per share as a result of his participation in the ABF Dividend Re-investment Plan.
7 January 2009Statement re: IMS and reporting timetable 2009.
15 December 2008Announcement of ABF’s acquisition of the Spanish sugar business, Azucarera Ebro S.L.U. subject to regulatory approval.
8 December 2008Announcement of the AGM poll results.
8 December 2008Publication of resolutions dealing with special business passed at the annual general meeting of 5 December 2008.
5 December 2008AGM statement.
25 November 2008Executive Share Incentive Plan 2003 – announcement of conditional allocation, under the Plan, of 157,203 ordinary shares to George Weston and 104,802 ordinary shares to John Bason, made on the basis of an allocation price of 656 pence per share.
20 November 2008Announcement of agreement in principle with Ebro Puleva S.A. regarding the potential acquisition of the leading Spanish sugar business, Azucarera Ebro S.L.U.
20 November 2008Annual Information update.

Copies of the above announcements can be obtained from the Company’s website

2.    Documents filed at Companies House

All of the documents listed below were filed with the Registrar of Companies in England and Wales on or around the dates indicated.

DateDocument Filed
17 August 2009Annual Return on Form 363 made up to 27 July 2009
11 May 2009Form 288b recording the resignation of Martin Adamson as a director
27 January 2009Form 353 recording the change of location of members’ register
09 December 2008Annual accounts filed for the Group made up to 13 September 2008
09 December 2008Resolutions (1) adopting new articles, disapplying pre-emption rights and (2) authorising allotment of securities

Copies of documents filed with the Registrar of Companies can be obtained from Companies House

3.    Annual and Interim Reports

The Company's Annual Report for the period ended 12 September 2009 and Notice of the 2009 Annual General Meeting (which were filed with the UKLA Document Viewing Facility on 5 November 2009) can be found on the Company's website as can the Interim Results 2009 published on 21 April 2009.

4.    Contact

Paul Lister, Company Secretary        Tel. 0207 399 6500