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Result of AGM


7 December 2009

Associated British Foods plc announces the results of the voting by poll on the resolutions put to the Annual General Meeting of the Company held on 4 December 2009.  All resolutions were passed by the required majority.


ResolutionVotes For (i)% ForVotes Against% AgainstVotes Total% of Issues Share Capital voted (ii)Votes Withheld (iii)
1Report and accounts 2009612,305,39699.94350,7980.06612,656,19477.398,868
2Directors’ remuneration report 2009607,468,64399.165,161,9520.84612,630,59577.3835,076
3Declaration of final dividend612,630,05099.9932,3890.01612,662,43977.392,495
4Re-election of Willard Gordon Galen Weston as a director544,543,86489.5463,596,74710.46608,140,61176.824,522,440
5Re-election of Lord Jay of Ewelme as a director611,044,12799.741,587,6120.26612,631,73977.3827,889
6Re-election of Javier Ferrán as a director611,181,43799.761,460,9220.24612,642,35977.3922,609
7Re-election of Timothy Clarke as a director611,094,55999.751,549,1290.25612,643,68877.3922,655
8Re-appointment and remuneration of auditors603,817,91499.234,667,0610.77608,484,97576.864,175,210
9Authority to allot shares599,053,44799.274,417,8760.73603,471,32376.239,188,769
10Disapplication of pre-emption rights
(special resolution)
11Reduced notice of a general meeting other than an annual general meeting
(special resolution)
12Adoption of new articles of association
(special resolution)


(i)    Any proxy appointments which gave discretion to the Chairman have been included in the ‘For’ total. 
(ii)    Issued ordinary share capital at 2 December 2009: 791,674,183 shares.
(iii)    A ‘Vote Withheld’ is not counted towards the votes cast ‘For’ or ‘Against’ a resolution.

In accordance with Listing Rule 9.6.2 two copies of the resolutions passed as special business at the AGM are being submitted today to the Financial Services Authority and will shortly be available for inspection at the UK Listing Authority’s Document Viewing Facility, which is situated at:

The Financial Services Authority
25 The North Colonnade
Canary Wharf
London E14 5HS

(Tel: 020 7066 1000)