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Living our values

We live and breathe our values through the work we do every day. They guide our everyday behaviour and help us to articulate how we deliver long-term benefits for our people, suppliers, neighbours, customers and the environment.

To demonstrate how we live our values every day, we have – for the first time – set out a group-level articulation of the values expressed by our individual businesses. These are not new and they do not replace each business’s own values. Instead, they consolidate and summarise the most common themes from across the group.

We developed them by distilling how our own businesses describe and implement their values. By collating the values from 22 of our own businesses, we were able to use language that is reflective of our businesses’ own words.

Acting with integrity

We proudly promote and protect a culture of trust, fairness and accountability that puts ethics first. From farms and factories right through to our boardroom, we are committed to embedding integrity into every action.

Respecting everyone’s dignity

We strive to protect the dignity of everyone within and beyond our operations, so that the people who make our products feel safe, respected and included.

Progressing through collaboration

Through collaboration with our stakeholders, including non-governmental organisations (NGOs), we’re working to create safer, fairer working environments and promoting thriving, resilient communities.

Pursuing with rigour

From the products we make to the way we preserve the resources we rely on and support the people we work with, we are always learning and incorporating better practices. Across our businesses, we are partnering with industry experts to help us work towards the highest standards.


Responsibility downloads

We make our reports and other responsibility-related documents available to download.